A new discovery: Covid-19 Fingers . The symptom that patients may have five months after healing


Scientists have made a new discovery about how the new coronavirus infection manifests itself. Specifically, they determined that some people who were cured of Covid-19 could face so-called “covid fingers” even five months after overcoming the disease, according to the Daily Mail.

“Covid fingers” are considered to be a symptom associated with the infection with the new coronavirus since May and are manifested by the appearance of rashes similar to measles or hives in the fingers or toes. They can also have the shape of swellings or small blisters, red or purple. They usually heal within two weeks, but in the case of people with “long-term coronavirus”, they can remain for months after the patients have defeated the virus.

According to the Daily Mail, dermatologists who conducted this research fear that one in 12 people infected with the new coronavirus will experience these skin rashes. That is why they have asked the World Health Organization to recognize this symptom as one of the main ones, in addition to coughing, fever and loss of smell or taste.

The study, which was conducted by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, involved creating a registry in which doctors tested positive for patients in April and who had skin problems. Subsequently, two months later, they were contacted to see how long these symptoms lasted.

Thus, almost 1000 cases were registered in 39 countries, and 16 percent of them were hospitalized. If some of the patients healed from their “covid fingers” in two weeks, six of them experienced these symptoms for at least 60 days, while two patients experienced skin rashes for 130 days. One, however, did not heal from his “covid fingers” until after 150 days, the equivalent of five months.

“Some patients diagnosed with Covid-19 experience inflammation of the fingers, which becomes red and swollen, and may even turn purple along the way,” Dr. Esther Freeman pointed out, according to the quoted source.

According to experts, swollen red or purple fingers, which look like they have been frozen, are attributed to inflammation generated in the body following infection with the new coronavirus. Also, another theory about their appearance is that the virus causes vasculitis, that inflammation of the blood vessels.

Most patients who suffer from Covid-19 and experience such symptoms are especially young, according to Lindy Fox, a dermatologist.

On the other hand, experts also mention that this symptom can be present without a certain connection with the new virus, and can be found especially in winter or in cold climates.


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