Unique case in the world: A teenager was hospitalized for two months after becoming addicted to a video game


A minor from Spain became the first clinical case of addiction to the Fortnite video game in the world. The teenager was hospitalized for two months after he began to show a behavior that led him to self-isolation at home and to reject social interactions.

This came after the team at the hospital in Castellon (eastern Spain), where the teenager was hospitalized, published his case, unique in the world.

The minor was hospitalized after he began to show symptoms of severe behavioral addiction to the Fortnite video game, which included isolation at home, rejection of human interactions, refusal to use health services, persistent lack of personal flexibility, weak interest in those in swear, or lack of other activities.

The teenager also had alterations in the activities of daily living and sleep rhythm, according to the team that cared for him. It should be noted that the teenager had been a model student before practicing this game. His family began to notice the accumulation of absences from school and the neglect of sleep hours.

According to experts, the widespread use of new technologies in everyday life and neglect of school obligations have highlighted the danger of inappropriate use of video games and the need for specialized treatment for people with such behavioral disorders.

Experts believe that video game addiction acts as a sublimation of anxiety, caused by the loss of a loved one, or anxiety resulting from an increase in demands in the educational context.

The treatment of the minor included a collaboration with both him and his family, and the results showed a significant decrease in the use of small screens (in the first phase after hospitalization only under supervision and in the presence of a colleague to boost socialization), and an improvement in the patient’s personal and social functioning, writes Agerpres.

The specialists involved in this study warned about the need to pay more attention to the behaviors of minors, among whom the practice of video games has expanded, taking into account the younger age of those who practice them and their lack of maturity during adolescence.


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