Yacon Health Benifits – Stay fit by consuming Yacon

yacon syrup health benefits

What are The Health Benefits of Yacon Syrup? 

With increasing health issues, we need to increase our efforts to stay healthy.

There are lot of fruits or vegetables we can consume to maintain a balanced diet.

A very advantageous vegetable, which is a must add to our diet, is the Yacon.

Also known as Peruvian ground apple, is a South America tuberous root, which is very beneficial to the human health.

It has various uses and its consumption is advisable. Yacon health benefits are innumerous. You can include yacon syrup in your daily diet to get all the yacon health benefits in one teaspoon.

Yacon syrup is extracted from yacon root. This syrup is recommended by scientists and dieticians, as it has few calories and also low sugar level. Diabetic people too can consume it, without having to worry about sugar.

You can consume the yacon root directly too. It is delicious and healthy. You don’t even have to take many efforts in cooking it or making a dish of it.

Yacon health benefits are as follows:

  • Weight loss:

Even though yacon is sweet in taste, it is one of the best solutions for weight loss. It is very satiable and has very low calories. After eating yacon, one would not feel hungry for a while.

  • Monitors cholesterol:

Yacon reduces cholesterol and prevents bad cholesterol from harming your body. This helps your heart to protect itself from medical problems like coronary heart disease.

  • Improves digestion:

Yacon contains bacteria which helps the body to increase its vitamin and mineral intake. This reduces bloating, constipation and other digestive system malfunctions.

  • Manages blood sugar. :

Yacon does not let the body absorb any sugar. It lowers the production of glucose in the liver. Yacon can increase the body’s insulin sensitivity.

  • Prevents Cancer:

The compounds found in yacon, can prevent the cancer cells from growing. Yacon thus helps in prevention of cancer.

  • Maintains liver health:

Consuming yacon proportionately, prevents fat from being accumulated in the liver and hence helps to maintain a healthy and proper functioning liver.

  • Strengthens immune system:

Regular intake of yacon strengthens the body’s immunity. By this, one won’t feel weak and can fight back any minor health concern.

  • Lowers blood pressure:

Yacon possesses high potassium level. Potassium helps to maintain the body blood pressure. Yacon thus protects the body from heart conditions like strokes and heart attack.

  • Provides calcium and phosphorous:

Yacon has good amount of calcium and phosphorous. Calcium is a very essential element for the bones, teeth and nails. The bones determine the overall strength of your body. Hence, yacon health benefits expand till taking care of your bones too.

  • Improves metabolism:

Yacon thin is very efficient for women health. It improves the metabolism and maintains it always.

Apart from the above yacon health benefits, there are many other plus points too. Yacon can be consumed even by a dieter. Yacon is easily available and if you can’t farm it, you can affordably buy it. It can be easily grown in kitchen garden, but in mild frosty regions.