Yacon Syrup Dr Oz


Yacon syrup Dr Oz, the best weight loss aid, says Dr. Oz

yacon syrup dr ozYacon is a tuberous root from South America. By extracting it, yacon syrup is formed. Yacon syrup has many health benefits.

Dr. Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon from America, recommends this syrup for weight loss and healthy metabolism. Dr. Oz says Yacon syrup is not a medicine.

It’s a natural food and you can consume it daily. Yacon syrup was made popular by Dr. Oz in just one day, by having an episode on it in his TV show.

For his followers, yacon syrup is now the best weight loss product. Dr. Oz initially approved yacon syrup, for all the health benefits it has on human body.

Later, he and other health professionals studied deeper into this topic and came to a conclusion that yacon syrup is a great supplement for weight loss.

Dr. Oz conducted an experiment on some women to see the effects of consuming yacon syrup.

He conducted this experiment by selecting 60 female viewers and included yacon syrup in their diet for 4 weeks.

The experiment gave positive results for forty women and they observed a considerable amount of weight reduction.

Twenty nine women from this group lost good amount of weight and 14 among them lost more than five lbs. 3 pound was the average weight loss in the group.

The waist line of these women shrunk by an average of 2 inches. The overall weight loss from the group was 153 lbs.

Twenty seven women from this group have highly recommended the consumption of yacon syrup.

After this experiment, Dr. Oz and his team also interviewed few other health experts and tried to find out their views on the experiment and yacon syrup intake.

Dr. Oz recommends Yacon syrup

– for every person who wishes to lose weight and also who wishes to be protected against many risky health threats. This syrup makes one feel full, and hence intake of other fatty foods or extra food is prevented. This helps one in controlling their cravings and not putting up weight.

Yacon syrup is a natural way to lose weight. There are no side effects and no health issues which one has to face due to its use.

Dr. OZ says that maintains a healthier metabolism too. Metabolism is important factor for human health. Hence, its consumption is highly advised by him, to women especially.

Yacon syrup is advised by Dr. Oz as it has high fiber content, it helps to keep a low cholesterol, maintains a low body blood sugar level, protects heart from many diseases such as strokes and heart attack, helps to keep the liver healthy, increases the body bone density, improves body immunity.

Dr. Oz figured out that, is a must include in daily meal. Dr. Oz says that if with daily consumption of yacon syrup is maintained for few months along with proper exercises and balanced diet, there will be a good weight loss observed by the dieter. But, Dr. Oz says that only including yacon syrup in your meal is not enough. He insists that exercise and work out is a must to see any changes in the body weight.