Delicious Yacon syrup recipes

yacon syrup recipes

Yacon is a very healthy vegetable. It helps you to stay fit and lively and protects you from many health hazards. It can be consumed in multiple ways. Either directly or in the form of syrup, Yacon syrup is highly in demand. You can prepare many delicacies by using

Yacon syrup recipes

Yacon syrup recipes

Yacon helps a great deal in weight loss. You can include yacon syrup recipes in your daily meal to reduce the belly fat.

You can add this syrup to many dishes you make. You can make yacon syrup yourself at home. Preparing yacon syrup is an easy and quick task. But it needs to be kept overnight to make the syrup darker in color and tastier.

You need to first collect enough yacon roots and wash them well, so that all the soil residues are cleaned. Then peel off the yacons with a peeler. Use a juicer or any food processor, to juice the peeled yacon. Pour the juice in a pot.

Heat the juice on moderate flame. A scum will start floating on the surface after a while. Remove or skim this scum from the top and also from the sides. Let the juice boil for some time and then keep it simmering overnight.

The next day, repeat the entire boiling and skimming procedure. The juice will be darker by now and you can smell a delicious scent out of it. After this, allow the pot and the juice to cool down. Filter the cool juice. The filtered juice is the yacon syrup.

The thick left out material after filtering can be used in other cooking other foods which need a sweeter taste. Put the syrup in a container and place it in a refrigerator. It is now ready to use. This recipe is very cost effective.

If you buy yacon syrup from market, it will cost you some big money. But if you have yacons available you can make the syrup yourself. Or you can even buy yacons and make it.
There are innumerous recipes in which you can add the yacon syrup.

Some of the yacon syrup recipes are chocolate cookies with yacon, yacon power shake, yacon syrup chocolate shake and sauce, yacon syrup with chocolate raspberry mousse, yacon syrup tea, and yacon syrup with coconut pops.

In all these dishes you can add yacon syrup internally or just have yacon syrup sips while you enjoy these delicacies. The yacon syrup adds to the flavor of all these foods.

Any dish which needs sweetening, yacon syrup can be added to it. Including yacon syrup in your recipe, helps you to have a sweet taste to your dish without having to worry about the calories or fat. In fact if you are dieting, yacon syrup dr. oz is the best sweetener to consume. You can add a little yacon syrup to your beverages to get a more satisfying taste. Also just a teaspoon of yacon syrup can curb your hunger.

There are many yacon syrup recipes available. You can grab recipe books for yacon syrup and try all of them. You can also experiment and make some yacon syrup recipes yourself.