Yacon Syrup or Stevia?


What is the biggest health issue in today’s world? It is obesity. It is also the root cause of many dreadful diseases.

Man and women, old and young are equally affected with obesity and thus, ultimately invite other health issues. They take strict diets and workout religiously, but nothing helps.

Under these circumstances Yacon Syrup comes to rescue. It is the solution to all the weight issues. It is considered as one of the best natural sweetener that is available in the market today. It is trusted and loved by many people and it never let them down.

It boosts weight loss, like no exercise or diet could. It gives you sure shot result. Let’s take a closer view towards Yacon Syrup. This article unfolds the affects of Yacon on body, draws a conclusion on Yacon Syrup Vs Stevia and shares the benefits of Yacon Syrup.

Yacon Syrup: The Natural Sweetener

yacon molassesYacon syrup is a natural sweetener. It is derived from the roots of the Andean yacon plant.

It tastes somewhat like caramel and molasses.

It is quite sweet and makes up for sugar in desserts, smoothies, dressings and baked sweet food.

The plant is found in the Andes Mountains. South Americans as well as Peruvians are using a lot of Yacon of late and now this sugar supplement has been gaining momentum of late.

People are trusting Yacon Syrup and are getting positive result.

How Yacon Syrup Affects the Body

  • Being a prebiotic, Yacon Syrup is a boon for the good bacterias. It supports the growth and nourishment of the good bacterias that inhabit the gut. These good bacterias make the wall of the gut stronger, help in the process of digestion and regulates the hormones. These all processes, inturn regulate the weight loss system. Apart from this, the good bacterias also play a role in regulating brain function, boosting immunity and cuts down the risk of developing diabetes.
  • The fructooligosaccharides mix present in Yacon cannot be broken down into the digestive system. The insoluble fiber, Inulin, is indigestible. It is a sweetener, but leaves the body as it is, without been broken down into glucose. Regular sugar like sucrose and fructose are also present in little amount.
  • Yacon Syrup also helps in keeping constipation at bay.

All the three, above mentioned affects of Yacon, lay a helping hand in cutting down the body weight.

Yacon Syrup Vs Stevia

steviaYacon and Stevia, both are effective and both are popular. Deriving the result of Yacon Syrup vs Stevia, would be a tough call as both are organic, raw, natural, low glycemic and low calorie.

The only difference lies in the glycemic index. The glycemic index of Yacon Syrup is 1, while that of Stevai is 0. If you take yacon syrup in place of sugar, you will be satisfied and content, while you may yearn for more, if you use Stevia.

Benefits Of Yacon

  • Yacon Syrup is loaded with dietary fibers which help in keeping the bowel movements in check and keeping away indigestion.
  • It also helps in keeping the level of blood sugar and cholesterol under check.
  • It also helps in increasing the bone density.
  • It boosts the immune system.
  • It also boosts the energy.

Yacon syrup has many benefits and it is sans any serious side effects. Replacing sugar with Yacon Syrup will give you desired results in no time. You do not need to follow a hardcore gym session or a tasteless diet. Just use the Yacon Syrup and you will notice the change. Yacon Syrup has been proven a great option for losing weight.